Branding Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

Why is branding so important, especially for a real estate agent? It creates a recognizable personality and identity, and it’s a style that represents you in a way no other business can! Advertising yourself through your personal branding style is how your business will grow. The ultimate purpose is to stand out and connect with your customers in a genuine way. With a unique reputation, you can build trust, leads, and of course, deals.

When creating your unique real estate brand, you have to be clear about the type of real estate properties you are offering in your advertising and promotions. Are you targeting a specific type of house or neighborhood? Are sellers your main focus, or buyers? Not only are these some of the questions you need to explore, but also knowing the current trends in the market. How are your competitors advertising and marketing themselves? Also, will your marketing mostly seek referrals from already made customers, or are they cold leads through contact forms?

Traditional advertising will boost your ability to market to your target group. Your capacity to build authentic relationships with others starts with your image and branding. A professional looking website, business cards, and video marketing content will be what gives customers the impression that you have a higher standard of services. Being polished shows attention to detail, which is what clients need when a real estate agent is searching for their perfect home.

Being a salesperson isn’t what branding is all about. While managing social media channels, blog content, and other interactive forms of marketing you will have to provide resources, knowledge, and advice. This will represent you as a trustworthy and informant real estate agent who cares about his or her clients. 

You also have to be flexible. Phone calls aren’t enough, you need to also send emails, text messages, and direct messages on social media. This is also because mobile phones draw in about 40% of online interactions, which means there are a variety of ways in which customers will want to communicate with you. 

Be wary of who your audience is. Find out about your demographic and do your research. What do your clients what? What do they appreciate? These are concepts you need to deeply understand.

Focus on what makes you different. Who are you? Are you charitable? Are you funny?
Are you intelligent? Whatever it is that makes you who you are, reveal that in your website, in your interactions with others, and of course, on your blog in your unique voice.  Your blog is important because it reveals how valuable your company is. That exchange of knowledge and information can be all the difference between a competent and lovable agent to a totally clueless or money hungry agent. 

Now that you’ve developed your brand, how can you get your brand out there?

5 Steps to Successful Real Estate Branding

1. You can print direct mail postcards, brochures, fliers, and capabilities packages. Business cards and billboards with your headshot can also set the pace helping to expose yourself to the community.

2. Advertising on your vehicle and on bill boards will help get the word out at a much faster pace, as it is public advertisement and definitely “in your face”. 

3. Giving away free items such as mugs, pens, bags, notepads, calendars, and more will not only make people happier, but also help them remember your company. 

4. And of course, advertising on your website, blog, and via social media will make all the difference. 

5. Don’t forget in person marketing! Going to events and giving speeches, and handing out your branded material will be one of the strongest ways to get new clients. 

Allow your company to evolve as a brand over time. In this fast paced world, you have to stay on top of trends. Some colors go out of style, some fonts become outdated, and some websites styles simply aren’t as eye-catching. Always stay privy to these changes and update your marketing materials with what is in demand. You are, after all, catering to your clients’ needs.

Now that you have all these details down-pat, get out there and Be Yourself! Use your branding to your advantage and provide the best services in your own way.