Marketing Funnel 101

So you have a great marketing idea. But do you have a funnel? That is, a content marketing funnel that will put your company on the map. Not every small business understands the greatness of a well laid out strategy, so think of this as your free marketing funnel template. 

You’re probably scratching your head and thinking, “What is this exactly?” It is a repeatable and scalable process by which you capture your audience, and with specific steps you are able to weed out the less interested clients or customers with the result being a small group of purchases. This means that at first, you’re appealing to a broad demographic, which eventually tailors up to a handful of people sincerely interested in your products or services.

Marketing funnels can have several steps, but the main sections can be divided into three parts. 

First Tier of Marketing Funnel

The first level of this strategy is mainly about the public awareness of your business. Your company is targeting a specific audience to help them become more knowledgeable about your services, and what the purpose or mission of your business is all about. This is how you are able to reveal the face of your company to people who luke-warm, at best. This can come in the form of an advert, a video, email, survey, contents, or even a blog. Once this sparks the interest of a potential customer, the next part of the funnel begins. 

Second Tier of Marketing Funnel

The next stage of the marketing funnel begins when your potential customers take action. This occurs because of the relationship you developed with your audience, and the level of trust that was established. At this point, clients know exactly what you offer and want to learn more about these services. Here, it is really important to display the value your company can provide. The potential customers become leads, and consistent visitors of your content on your website or another platform. Clients are now leads at this point, and their data is captured as an email address or other information. Depending upon the different stages of the middle part of your funnel, you are able to further enrich and strengthen your relationships with clients.

Third Tier of Marketing Funnel 

Last but not least, the last section of the marketing funnel occurs once your leads are anticipating great results from your business services. At this stage, you present your offer, often packaged according to the clients’ needs. This is where you attempt to shine brightest, by exhibiting your products in a meaningful way. Your services should be solutions to problems important to your clients. It should encourage them to take action and purchase from you. Often, the last stage of a funnel is a time-sensitive offer or a dated coupon. 

This funnel not only aids in creating an automatic system that helps you direct your audience towards a measurable result, but also to give you a well structured outline. It helps you develop goals, create regular and interactive content to attracted new clients, and also results in metrics that you can revise and use towards future strategies. 

Keeping a marketing funnel will really amplify the results your small business has when it comes down to having a consistent flow of customers. 

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