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Build Loyal Customers Not Just New Customers

Build Loyal Customers Not Just New Customers Many businesses take the approach that simply providing the benefits of their product and service will attract a customer base. “My product is so great it will draw traction!” isn’t a very reliable approach. Actually, it’s a recipe for disaster. Putting your product in front of the right group of people who would be predisposed to purchasing your product is the right answer. What exactly can you do to find your target audience? Here are a few brief tips to get you going. Defining Your Target [...]

What Your Grand Opening Needs to Succeed

  Tips You Need for Your Grand Opening! Congratulations, you’re about to have a grand opening! Are you ready to build your multi-level strategy for creating hype about your brand? When you’re about to launch your company location, your marketing efforts should be geared towards bringing awareness to your company, and creating a strong brand and image. Each employee should have a unified message to share, along with the energy an excitement that you want your customers to mirror. Whether or not your company is the first on the block, or one of [...]

Branding Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

Branding Yourself as a Real Estate Agent Why is branding so important, especially for a real estate agent? It creates a recognizable personality and identity, and it’s a style that represents you in a way no other business can! Advertising yourself through your personal branding style is how your business will grow. The ultimate purpose is to stand out and connect with your customers in a genuine way. With a unique reputation, you can build trust, leads, and of course, deals. When creating your unique real estate brand, you have to be clear [...]

Native Apps vs Web Apps

Native Apps Native apps are developed specifically for a particular mobile device and are installed directly onto the device itself. Users download the app via app stores such as Apple App Store, Google Play store, etc. Native apps are built for specific mobile operating system such as Apple iOS or Android OS. An app made for Apple iOS will not work on Android OS or Windows OS. So if you want your app to work across all major mobile operating systems, you must build separate apps for each operating system. This means more money and more [...]

Marketing Funnel 101

Marketing Funnel 101 So you have a great marketing idea. But do you have a funnel? That is, a content marketing funnel that will put your company on the map. Not every small business understands the greatness of a well laid out strategy, so think of this as your free marketing funnel template.  You’re probably scratching your head and thinking, “What is this exactly?” It is a repeatable and scalable process by which you capture your audience, and with specific steps you are able to weed out the less interested clients or customers [...]

Alternative Marketing Methods to PPC

Alternative Marketing Methods to PPC We all know that Google Adwords can make major bucks when done correctly. But what about other platforms? No, we’re not talking about Facebook Ads. There are many other portals that many have never considered, or never even been informed of. Today, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of tools where you can post your ads on a variety of different marketing outlets.  Bing Although not the most popular search engine, Bing is still widely used by about 30% of the population. This means that more than 5 billion [...]

How One Young Entrepreneur Defeated the Odds

How One Young Entrepreneur Defeated the Odds While most kids are worried about wiping out in video games and performing well on pop quizzes, the young Alina Morse was on the verge of a major business breakthrough. At the age of 13 in Detroit, she launched Zollipops, which soon because a multi-million dollar company. This candy shop provided a unique twist; all of the lollipops were sugar-free! An uncommon business concept that no one had successfully mastered yet is what lead to their success. The small company is now featured in more than [...]

Just Why Are Annual Reports So Darn Expensive to Write?!

Just Why Are Annual Reports So Darn Expensive to Write?! An annual report is a report of progress and achievements which are aggregated by an organization over the period of one year. Accurate data is the basis for the preparation of annual reports, and necessary for ongoing reporting and auditing. The annual report summarizes the financial statements and achievements of a company annually, where they are typically due by May 1st for tax purposes. All companies that want to stay on top of their progress and finances, especially for investors, private, or government [...]

Business Branding Ideas for Your Company

Business Branding Ideas | What Branding A Business is All About Running a business is about to get income and benefit, but it is not so easy to get it because you have so many competitors. It is also about getting customers, buyers, or clients. Somehow, branding can be very important when you want to grow up your business. How to create a brand identity? Why is branding so important? In this brief article, we would like to explain all about business branding. What is actually business branding? Well, branding is actually divided [...]

Grants to Start Small Business – Who offers and How to Find Them?

Grants to Start Small Business - Who offers and How to Find Them? Starting a business and running it successfully requires large capital. You might have come up with the extraordinary proposal idea, but without having sufficient fund, your business idea will not flourish in long run. In such a situation, the Grant can become the helping hand for the progression of your dream to establish your own small business. "Free money", is the concept introduced in the past when Government and Reputed organization started offering Grants to the small businesses. These funds [...]

Don’t Let Advertising Companies Scam You with These Tricks

Don’t Let Advertising Companies Scam You with These Tricks Happy clients make a productive business, but finding the clients that you want is a task in itself, along with knowing which agencies to help you make that solid connection. What’s the secret to attracting the perfect client? 1   Services a client could never forget 2   A shimmering company image and brand 3   A superb marketing strategy Even with wonderful talents, most businesses typically have only two out of three things which could make them top-of-the-line competitive. This is where advertisement comes in. [...]

Restaurant Marketing

Marketing Solutions that will make your restaurant dominate the industry How to utilize a strong marketing strategy online and off? Restaurants today have a very hard time staying in business.  A lot of this is due to the fact that they don’t have a solid marketing strategy. According to a study done by Ohio State University, 60% of restaurants do not make it past their first year and 80% will go under in five years.  There are over 39,143 eating and drinking places in Florida.  With failure rates being so high, it’s vital [...]

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